Bio Antique® - The Biological products made by heat treated wood

The passion and expertise have always stimulated Gabriele Cocco looking for innovations that can be applied to products in natural and Environmentally friendly way .

The thermally treated wood is suitable for direct use, free of chemicals: the thermal process flows into a natural brown color and a high durability.

In the windows, the technique used is that of the laminated wood that allows the creation of small and large windows. The surface finish can be brushed highlighting the wear and tear of years, or it can also be rubbed to a smooth finish or lacquer of different colors for the sake of a current and evolved window.

As all the products of the artisan carpentry Cocco Gabriele , the Biological Window Bio Antique® is made according to the criteria of 'high Energy efficiency for a guarantee of cost savings and environmental protection. The "Bio Antique®" range includes windows and doors, tables and chairs, furniture and objects for the home and leisure, floors, walls, toys, all made with certified Pefc wood.

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